About Us

Hello Groovy Herbal Tea Lover's! 

My Name is Angel and I am the Founder of Groovy Herbal Tea's. I launched Groovy Herbal Tea's in the Pandemic of 2020. I always had a Passion for Plant Medicine since a young age. I would help my Grandmother and Grandfather Garden and Prep meals From what they Grew In their Garden. 

What is my Why?

 My why is simply Healing others Naturally using Herbal Remedies  that our Ancestors used to live a long and healthy Life. I hope to inspire others who are looking for a healthy alternative but just don't know where to start. 

I dedicate Groovy Herbal Tea's to my Ancestors whom watch over me Daily;

To My Grandparents who instilled in me the Love for Natural Healing and Plants. 

To My Mother who showed me to Live in my Truth and who exemplified "If it doesn't Kill you, it only makes you stronger"!

To My Father who taught me to never stop Laughing or Learning!